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Composite photographs of Dr Meredith Martin, Dr Sarah Mansfield MP, Georgie Purcell MP and Gaelle Broad MP. Overlaid is a graphic of a video 'play' button

Victorian election debrief

Campaigning – what went well, what did you wish you’d known? What’s it actually like being in Parliament? Three newly elected Victorian MPs and Pathways alums reflect on campaigning and their first few months in office.

Close up of a woman's hand signing a document. In the foreground is a set of keys and a replica house. Overlaid is a graphic of a video 'play' button

Legal explainer: Asset protection for political candidates

Whether you’re thinking of running for office at a local, state or federal level, there are some important steps to take to ensure that your assets are safeguarded and protected. Arnold Bloch Leibler lawyers explain more in this video.

Photos of Susan Benedyka and Karen Kim smiling in front of a historic building

Running for the Senate

Senate candidates (and Pathways alum) Susan Benedyka and Karen Kim share their experiences of running in the 2022 federal election, what they wish they’d known before they ran, and their tips for future Senate candidates.

Fiona Patten MLC giving a speech in the Victorian Parliament

Ten tips for writing

Journalist and speechwriter Joel Deane’s 10 tips to help you nail the first draft of your political speech.

Julia Gillard standing at a podium giving a speech

Five things to consider before you write your political speech

Think of a “stump speech” as the political version of an elevator pitch. Award-winning journalist and speechwriter Joel Deane explains the five things you need to consider before you get started on yours.

Empty Parliament chambers

The 2022 federal election and the future of Australian politics

Are voters purposefully moving away from the two major parties, and is this a turning point in the future of Australian politics? Andrea Carson, Cathy McGowan AO and Dr Nick Barry discuss.

Line drawing of four women writing on notepads at a kitchen table.

Kitchen table conversations: A guide for sustaining our democratic culture

Free, downloadable guide from the Victorian Women’s Trust – how to run a ‘kitchen table conversation’ to engage and organise around the issues that affect your community.

Photo of Cathy McGowan giving a media interview

An Independent Woman – Cathy McGowan

An episode of Australian Story focusing on former Independent Member for Indi and “godmother of the independents movement”, Cathy McGowan AO.

Montage of women's faces: some of the women running in the 2022 federal election

Women elect: 2022 federal election guide

Who are the women running in the 2022 federal election? Women Elect tracks female candidates across all parties and seats.

Two women talking while walking down a large hallway

Shared hurdles: How political races change when two women compete

New research from the Barbara Lee Family Foundation reveals how political candidates’ race, political party and gender interact to influence voter opinion when more than one woman is on the ballot.

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