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Photo of Sally Sitou MP smiling, suburban shopping strip in the background

Parenting and public life: a panel discussion

How can sitting politicians achieve a family-work balance & break down the barriers that women face in achieving equal representation in politics? A candid panel discussion with Sally Sitou MP (Pathways to Politics alum), Hon Andrew Leigh MP & Elizabeth Lee MLA.

Head and shoulder photos of Georgie Purcell and Jenna Davey-Burns against a dark blue background

Mentor Match: an interview with Georgie Purcell MP and Cr Jenna Davey-Burns

“For women in politics, no matter where you sit politically, there’s a kind of shared camaraderie and understanding.” Georgie Purcell MP and Cr Jenna Davey-Burns talk to Pathways to Politics about their mentoring relationship.

Head and shoulder photos of Judy Tang and Janet Rice agains a dark blue background

Mentor match: an interview with Senator Janet Rice and Dr Judy Tang

“Even though I have a lot of things on my plate after every conversation with Janet, I suddenly have more energy to add more plates!” Senator Janet Rice and Dr Judy Tang talk to Pathways to Politics about their mentoring relationship.

Image of presenter Chris Eddy wearing blazer and glasses, with large microphone in foreground, overlaid with text: Local government News Roundup with Chris Eddy

Podcast: Local Government News Roundup

The Local Government News Roundup features news and interviews from the local government sector in Victoria, interstate and internationally.

Photos of Ramona Vijeyarasa, Fiona PattenM, Samantha Ratnam, Judith Troeth & Jenny Macklin on an illustrated background showing a voting ballot, pen and scales of justice

Women represent: power, politics and making a difference

Victorian Women’s Trust panel discussion about the power women hold in office and the ways in which women lead – featuring Fiona Patten MP, the Hon. Judith Troeth, Samantha Ratnam, the Hon. Jenny Macklin and Ramona Vijeyarasa.

Julia Gillard and Mary Beard on stage, screen behind says "Julia Gillard's misogyns speech ten years on - with Mary Beard"

Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech: 10 years on – with Mary Beard

Ten years on, Julia Gillard’s “misogyny speech” continues to inspire and challenge people to call out sexism and misogyny. In conversation with Professor Mary Beard, Julia Gillard explores the legacy of the speech and talks what comes next in the fight for equality.

Graphic showing colourful political badges with words like "Ms governed", "Ms Construed" and "Ms Informed" on a bright purple background

Podcast: Ms Represented with Annabel Crabb and Steph Tisdell

Journalist Annabel Crabb and comedian Steph Tisdell chart the rise of female politicians in Australian politics and the unbelievable things they got up to along the way in this 6 episode ABC podcast.

"In the House and in the Senate" logo featuring an illustration of Parliament House and a photograph of the presenter, a blonde woman wearing a casual blazer and jeans

Podcast: In the House and In the Senate

A podcast featuring conversations with the women of Australian politics – parliamentarians, staffers, party officials and more. Past guests include Linda Burney, Sarah Hanson-Young, Katie Allen and Anne Aly.

Julia Gillard speaking into a microphone against an orange backdrop

Podcast: A Podcast of One’s Own with Julia Gillard

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard presents a podcast featuring discussions with well-known female leaders from the worlds of politics and more, including Annabel Crabb, Helen Clark, Theresa May, Dr Ngozi Okonjo and Jenny Macklin.

Julia Gillard presenting keynote speech to the Summit audience

Gender equality in local government: Advancing Women’s Leadership Summit

Strategies to achieve gender equality in local government, with a keynote address by former Prime Minister The Hon Julia Gillard.

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