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Composite photographs of Dr Meredith Martin, Dr Sarah Mansfield MP, Georgie Purcell MP and Gaelle Broad MP. Overlaid is a graphic of a video 'play' button

Victorian election debrief

Campaigning – what went well, what did you wish you’d known? What’s it actually like being in Parliament? Three newly elected Victorian MPs and Pathways alums reflect on campaigning and their first few months in office.

Head and shoulder photos of Georgie Purcell and Jenna Davey-Burns against a dark blue background

Mentor Match: an interview with Georgie Purcell MP and Cr Jenna Davey-Burns

“For women in politics, no matter where you sit politically, there’s a kind of shared camaraderie and understanding.” Georgie Purcell MP and Cr Jenna Davey-Burns talk to Pathways to Politics about their mentoring relationship.

Head and shoulder photos of Judy Tang and Janet Rice agains a dark blue background

Mentor match: an interview with Senator Janet Rice and Dr Judy Tang

“Even though I have a lot of things on my plate after every conversation with Janet, I suddenly have more energy to add more plates!” Senator Janet Rice and Dr Judy Tang talk to Pathways to Politics about their mentoring relationship.

Woman posting card into a red Victorian Electoral Commission box with "Every vote matters" written on the side

Victorian election: the tide is changing with women on the run

Ahead of the 2022 Victorian election, Dr Lisa Carson analyses the current state of play and what lessons have been learned since the last Victorian state and federal elections, including the impact of targeted programs like Pathways to Politics making strides towards greater diversity.

Photos of Susan Benedyka and Karen Kim smiling in front of a historic building

Running for the Senate

Senate candidates (and Pathways alum) Susan Benedyka and Karen Kim share their experiences of running in the 2022 federal election, what they wish they’d known before they ran, and their tips for future Senate candidates.

Photo of Virginia Trioli, smiling, wearing a white blouse against white background

Federal election spotlight: a conversation with Virginia Trioli

An exclusive Pathways to Politics interview with leading journalist Virginia Trioli, focusing on key election policies and the role of the media in shaping public perceptions.

Woman with a laptop in an office environment. She is gazing into the distance.

A Digital Resilience Toolkit for Women in Politics – #ShePersisted

This digital resilience toolkit by #ShePersisted brings together existing resources for digital security and tactics for preventing and handling the online harms most commonly experienced by women leaders online.

Fiona Patten MLC giving a speech in the Victorian Parliament

Ten tips for writing

Journalist and speechwriter Joel Deane’s 10 tips to help you nail the first draft of your political speech.

Julia Gillard standing at a podium giving a speech

Five things to consider before you write your political speech

Think of a “stump speech” as the political version of an elevator pitch. Award-winning journalist and speechwriter Joel Deane explains the five things you need to consider before you get started on yours.

Profile photos of Senator Dorinda Cox (Senate Candidate for Greens WA), Jackie Bennett (No. 2 Senate Candidate for the Australian Federation Party QLD), Clr Trish Frail (Candidate for Parkes, Greens NSW) and Tabatha Young (Candidate for Bonner QLD).

Federal election: Aboriginal women candidates

This Candid Conversations recording from Politics in Colour features Aboriginal federal election candidates Senator Dorinda Cox, Jackie Bennett, Cr Trish Frail and Tabatha Young.

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