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Composite photographs of Dr Meredith Martin, Dr Sarah Mansfield MP, Georgie Purcell MP and Gaelle Broad MP. Overlaid is a graphic of a video 'play' button

Victorian election debrief

Campaigning – what went well, what did you wish you’d known? What’s it actually like being in Parliament? Three newly elected Victorian MPs and Pathways alums reflect on campaigning and their first few months in office.

Close up of a woman's hand signing a document. In the foreground is a set of keys and a replica house. Overlaid is a graphic of a video 'play' button

Legal explainer: Asset protection for political candidates

Whether you’re thinking of running for office at a local, state or federal level, there are some important steps to take to ensure that your assets are safeguarded and protected. Arnold Bloch Leibler lawyers explain more in this video.

Four female panelists holding microphones, seated on stage.

Celebrating women in leadership: panel discussion

Why does increasing women’s representation in politics matter, and how is Pathways to Politics a part of accelerating this shift? Featuring Carol Schwartz AO, Elizabeth Lee MLA and Gai Brodtmann, hosted by University of Canberra.

Photo of Sally Sitou MP smiling, suburban shopping strip in the background

Parenting and public life: a panel discussion

How can sitting politicians achieve a family-work balance & break down the barriers that women face in achieving equal representation in politics? A candid panel discussion with Sally Sitou MP (Pathways to Politics alum), Hon Andrew Leigh MP & Elizabeth Lee MLA.

Photos of Ramona Vijeyarasa, Fiona PattenM, Samantha Ratnam, Judith Troeth & Jenny Macklin on an illustrated background showing a voting ballot, pen and scales of justice

Women represent: power, politics and making a difference

Victorian Women’s Trust panel discussion about the power women hold in office and the ways in which women lead – featuring Fiona Patten MP, the Hon. Judith Troeth, Samantha Ratnam, the Hon. Jenny Macklin and Ramona Vijeyarasa.

Julia Gillard and Mary Beard on stage, screen behind says "Julia Gillard's misogyns speech ten years on - with Mary Beard"

Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech: 10 years on – with Mary Beard

Ten years on, Julia Gillard’s “misogyny speech” continues to inspire and challenge people to call out sexism and misogyny. In conversation with Professor Mary Beard, Julia Gillard explores the legacy of the speech and talks what comes next in the fight for equality.

Julia Gillard presenting keynote speech to the Summit audience

Gender equality in local government: Advancing Women’s Leadership Summit

Strategies to achieve gender equality in local government, with a keynote address by former Prime Minister The Hon Julia Gillard.

Photos of Susan Benedyka and Karen Kim smiling in front of a historic building

Running for the Senate

Senate candidates (and Pathways alum) Susan Benedyka and Karen Kim share their experiences of running in the 2022 federal election, what they wish they’d known before they ran, and their tips for future Senate candidates.

Candid photo of group of female Independent MPs in Canberaa

Independents’ Day: Behind the scenes with the new force in politics

Four Corners goes behind the scenes with Monique Ryan MP, Dai Le MP and Senator Tammy Tyrrell, documenting their transition to Canberra as newly minted MPs and Senators.

Photo of Ramona Vijeyarasa smiling

The Woman President: a conversation with Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa

Do women leaders lead differently? And are women leaders necessarily better for women? Carol Schwartz talks to Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa about Ramona’s new book, The Woman President: Leadership, Law and Legacy for Women Based on Experiences from South and Southeast Asia.

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