ABC News: Pathways to Politics Program for Women aims to increase female representation in Australian politics

Photo of Sallee Shepherd, a young woman with close cropped hair wearing a red short sleeved jumpsuit. she is sitting in a parliamentary chamber on curved green bench seating.
ABC News: Bethanie Alderson, 11 November, 2023

Australia still lags behind countries like Iceland, New Zealand and Rwanda when it comes to female representation in parliament — but a national program is hoping to change that.

Sallee Shepherd has always been interested in pursing a career in politics, but she knows the road to get there can be challenging.

“I would love to see more women represented and proving that you know it is a space for us and that we all can do it if we want to.”

Key points:

  • A national program hopes to increase female participation in state and federal politics
  • Australia is ranked 32nd in the world for female representation in parliament
  • Participants of the program say women are still facing a number of barriers 
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