Applications open 6 March - 24 April 2024

Pathways Alum Mentoring

The Pathways Alum Mentoring program is designed to empower and support alums who are intending to run for office in the next five years.

It is an exciting chance to test and strengthen your current activities towards running for office.

Applications for 2024 mentoring are now closed.

How it works

Mentors from across the political spectrum are engaged and matched to alums to support their political aspirations by:

  • Understanding the mentee’s political journey to date;
  • Providing practical guidance around potential strategies to become elected;
  • Providing a safe place for discussion without judgement;
  • Challenging assumptions and preconceptions about how to succeed;
  • Encouraging self-directed reflection, analysis and problem solving; and
  • Acting as a trusted mentor that maintains alum confidence, motivation, and resilience in their pursuit of public office.
Photo collage of four diverse women.

Application and selection process

Applications for 2024 are now closed.


Read our Mentor Match interviews

Dr Judy Tang and Senator Janet Rice:
Head and shoulder photos of Judy Tang and Janet Rice agains a dark blue background
Georgie Purcell MP and Cr Jenna Davey-Burns:
Head and shoulder photos of Georgie Purcell and Jenna Davey-Burns against a dark blue background

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“It has been a pleasure to take part in Pathways Alum Mentoring as a mentor. The program provides mentees with a valuable opportunity to better equip themselves with the skills to navigate running for public office, whether that be at a local, state or federal level. Our sessions have allowed me to share honest and frank advice with my mentees about the challenging, but immensely rewarding, process of putting your hand up to run for elected office.”

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
PAM mentor

“It’s not until the rubber hits the road that you realise how valuable a trusted and wise mentor is. My experience of mentoring with Pathways to Politics has enabled me to fast track my learning and draw upon years of political nous, stakeholder engagement and wisdom to inform my first year as a Councillor. I am in absolute awe of my mentor Sally Capp.”

Cr Jenna Davey-Burns, City of Kingston
PAM mentee

“My mentor provided valuable coaching, acted as a sounding board, and advocated on my behalf to open doors for me. The meetings helped me to accelerate my ideas and broaden my thinking, and I feel much more prepared for the path ahead.”

Holstein Wong
PAM mentee

“If we are to have politics that truly works for people, it needs to look like the community it represents – and that means far more diversity. The mentees get insight into party dynamics and tips for preselection and representation, and as mentors we get the satisfaction of watching someone blossom and back themselves and go on to change the world.”

Senator Larissa Waters
PAM Mentor

“Pathways to Politics provided me a window into the experience of those who have been politically successful. I’ve loved being able to provide that same opportunity to my mentee as she navigates her own pathway.”

Dr Katie Allen
Former Member for Higgins
PAM Mentor

“I found this experience absolutely first rate. We were able to focus on the centrality of good policy ideas and the ongoing need for reform, as well as the crucial human elements of politics… and particularly the importance of taking the time to listen and genuinely engage with people from all walks of life.”

John Brumby AO
Former Premier of Victoria
PAM Mentor

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