Applications open 6 March - 24 April 2024

Localé Learning: resources for local government

Colourful illustration of four people. One is holding a lightbulb, one is colding a laptop. There are speech bubbles around them.

Localé Learning is a non-partisan, New South Wales based political leadership accelerator that provides support, skills training and professional development to local councillors and candidates.

Available training and resources include:

  • Free checklist for candidates: a list of activities for community members thinking about running in the local government election in New South Wales in 2024, to help you decide if running for office is right thing for you right now. 
  • Political skills reflection tool
  • Candidate 7-day launchpad challenge activity
  • 6 part podcast series “Diary of a candidate”
  • Free webinars for councillors on topics such as governance, collaboration, connecting with your community, social media, conflict management
  • Paid one-to-one coaching

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