Podcast: Ladies in the House

Logo for the Podcast Ladies in the House showing a graphic of a woman's face in red, against a black background. Also includes a logo which says 'MOAD learning'

Enjoy and learn along with the young people in your life. These bite-sized podcast episodes aimed at children celebrate the lives of some of the women who worked in Old Parliament House in Canberra. Produced by the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in collaboration with History Detective Podcast 

Each episode focuses on a different role undertaken by women working at Old Parliament House between 1927-1988. Within each episode there is information about their trailblazing endeavours and a call-to-action activity for students to complete.

Dorothy Tangney (first Australian woman in the Senate), Margaret Guilfoyle (first female Finance Minister) and Enid Lyons (first woman in the House of Representatives) are amongst the women featured.

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