Knowledge hub roundup: May 2022

Montage of women's faces: some of the women running in the 2022 federal election

Launched in March this year, the Pathways to Politics Knowledge Hub is an online public platform where all women and gender diverse people can find practical tools, information and inspiration to help in their run for public office.

Here’s what’s been added this month:

Photo of a calculator and coloured post-it notes

Gender-responsive policy, budgets and legislation: Why it matters and what needs to change

An exclusive Pathways to Politics video interview with Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa and Dr Leonora Risse.

Vote for women panelists seated against black backdrop: Rosalind Dixon, Mehreen Faruqi, Georgia Steele, Julia Banks

Vote for women

Panel discussion about the future of equal representation in Australian politics – with Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, former Liberal turned Independent MP Julia Banks and 2022 Independent candidate and Pathways to Politics alum Georgia Steele.

Door with a sign that reads "POLLING STATION"

The glass cliff election: women candidates running in unwinnable seats in the 2022 federal election

New analysis from ANU’s Global Institute for Women’s Leadership.

Montage of women's faces: some of the women running in the 2022 federal election

Women elect

Who are the women running in the 2022 federal election?

Photo of Cathy McGowan giving a media interview

An independent woman – Cathy McGowan

Episode of Australian Story focusing on the “godmother of the independents movement” Cathy McGowan OAM, following her on the hustings for the 2022 federal election.

Colourful illustrations of chairs with the words "Represent Us"

Represent us: PLAN International report

What are the key barriers to young women entering politics?

Rainbow painted on the side of a building

Breaking the rainbow ceiling: LBQ+ women standing for public office

Research from the Victorian Pride Lobby into the barriers and motivators for lesbian, bi+ and queer women to stand for office.

Two women talking while walking down a large hallway

Shared hurdles: How political races change when two women compete

New research from the Barbara Lee Foundation.

Row of microphones in Parliament chamber

Women for Election: video conversations

Compilation of conversations conducted by Women for Election Australia with female Australian politicians across the political spectrum and all levels of politics.

Empty benches in Victorian parliament

The missing women of Australian politics: How violence against women creates barriers to female representation

the 2020/21 Julia Gillard Next Generation intern report by Medha Majumdar .

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