A truly representative democracy: increasing the representation of Indigenous and culturally diverse women in Australian politics

Australian, Indigenous and Torres Strait Island flags waving in front of Parliament House
Stephanie Milione, 16 September 2019

A Truly Representative Democracy explores the challenges and opportunities women candidates face, and how both EMILY’s List Australia and the Australian Labor Party can best support women in the future. This is a Julia Gillard Next Generation Internship report written by Pathways to Politics alum Stephanie Milione.

The purpose of the report is to outline the strategies and practices in place around the world to get more culturally diverse women elected (particularly women with an Indigenous or non-European background) and make recommendations for the ALP and EMILY’s List Australia.

It examines how the ALP can:

  1. recruit and pre-select more women candidates from diverse cultural backgrounds;
  2. provide better support to maximise their chances of being elected to political office; and
  3. put mechanisms in place to maximise their retention and ensure they are successful once elected.

Stephanie Milione is a Director with the Nous Group, Past President of the Victorian Women Lawyers, and a graduate of the Pathways to Politics Program for Women.

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