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Women are more likely than men to be the target of gendered abuse that happens online or uses digital technology. Some women, such as politicians and political candidates, face tech-based abuse because they have an active online presence ‘in the spotlight’ as part of their working life. 

eSafety is Australia’s independent regulator for online safety. Their website contains information, resources and online training modules about staying safe online. Topics include gendered violence, cyberstalking and unwanted contact.

eSafety can also help with tech-based abuse where it reaches the legal threshold for investigation.

Learn more on the eSafety website.

Photo of two postcards from the ESafety commissioner featuring writing in arabic and a photo of a woman wearing a hijab.

“Women in the spotlight” research

This eSafety research highlights the impact of online abuse experienced by women whose work or leadership role gives them an online presence. It highlights women’s lived experiences of online abuse, and points to the need for greater action by online platforms and employers to prevent and respond to abuse.

In-depth interviews were done with 20 women who had experienced online abuse. Plus, an online survey was conducted involving 1491 women who were working, or had recently worked.

The research focused on women working in different sectors including law, banking, marketing, journalism and community services.

Read the research findings here

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