Gendered Online Harassment in Politics

Hands typing on a keyboard overlaid with orange block colour and the words "GENDERED ONLINE HARASSMENT IN POLITICS"
Gender Equity Victoria, 2022

This report examines the experiences and impact of intersectional gendered cyberhate on women and gender diverse people working in politics in Victoria.

As a part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to preventing violence against women, girls and gender diverse people, Gender Equity Victoria was funded to develop recommendations for online safety for women working in politics.

24 current or former political workers were interviewed, including politicians and staffers. Participants were asked about their experiences of online abuse, including direct (being targeted) and indirect (witnessing); the impact these experiences had had on them; and the changes they would like to see in their workplaces and the wider Australian culture.

Analysis of the interviews revealed three themes:

  1. Gendered cyberhate is a norm in politics
  2. Gendered cyberhate is damaging democracy
  3. Political workplaces need to take responsibility for the online wellbeing of their staff

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