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Keys to elected office: the essential guide for women

Woman presenting in parliament

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation has studied every woman candidate’s race for governor across the United States since 1998. Their goal has been to produce non-partisan, pragmatic guides for women on both sides of American politics, to maximise their strategic advantages and clear the hurdles they face when running for office.

Although based on research from the US political landscape, this essential guide offers ample transferable knowledge and advice for women seeking to run for political office in Australia in a concise and digestible format.

It looks at what it takes for women to lay the groundwork for a run for office – the traits and resources, and how to acquire and convey them. It breaks down the essential issue areas to master, from establishing qualification, to owning an economic plan, to contrasting with opponents. The guide also lays out the importance of using messages that resonate, having a professional and approachable style, and bouncing back from mistakes.

Read the guide on the Barbara Lee website
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