Legal explainer: Asset protection for political candidates

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Arnold Bloch Leibler / Pathways to Politics Program for Women, May 2023

So you’re thinking about running for election?

Whether that’s at a local, state or federal level, there are some important steps that you can and should take to ensure that your assets are safeguarded and protected.

In this short video produced for Pathways to Politics, Arnold Bloch Leibler Lawyers and Advisors explore why asset protection is important in a political context, and suggest a range of strategies for you to consider before you run for office.

The video covers:

  • What is asset protection, and why is it something you need to be thinking about when running for election?
  • What can go wrong?
  • Safeguarding your assets:
    • Setting up a family trust
    • Assets owned by a low-risk spouse
    • Insurance
    • Succession-planning documents, including Wills, Power of Attorney, and appointment of a medical treatment decision maker

Watch the video

This video has been produced for general educational purposes. The content is not legal advice from Arnold Bloch Leibler and can only be relied upon as general information.

The content in this video is current as at April 2023.

If you require information or advice about your specific circumstances, please contact us directly via email at

About Arnold Bloch Leibler

Arnold Bloch Leibler is a premium Australian law firm renowned for advising clients on their most important transactions, commercial issues and disputes.

Pathways to Politics extends our huge thanks to Arnold Bloch Leibler for their pro bono support of the program.


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