Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The gender snapshot 2022

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UN Women, 2022

This report from UN Women presents the latest evidence on gender equality across the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by world leaders in 2015.

The findings emphasise the long road ahead to achieve gender equality, and the interlinkages among the goals, the pivotal force gender equality plays in driving progress across the goals and women and girls’ central role in leading the way forward.

Some key findings:

  • At the current rate of progress, it may take another 286 years to remove discriminatory laws and close prevailing gaps in legal protections for women and girls.
  • Women hold over one third of seats in local decision-making bodies.
  • Only 27 countries (14%) have a woman head of State and/or government
  • The glass ceiling remains intact. Close to 1 in every 3 managers/supervisors is a woman. At the current pace of change, parity will not be achieved for another 140 years.
Cover of the report "Gender snapshot 2022"

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