Women represent: power, politics and making a difference

Photos of Ramona Vijeyarasa, Fiona PattenM, Samantha Ratnam, Judith Troeth & Jenny Macklin on an illustrated background showing a voting ballot, pen and scales of justice
Victorian Women’s Trust, 31 October 2022

Hosted by the Victorian Women’s Trust on Monday 31 October 2022, Women Represent: Power, Politics and Making a Difference was an online panel discussion which sought to unpack the power women hold in office (despite their numbers) and the ways in which women lead.

Moderated by Mary Crooks AO and featuring panelists Ramona Vijeyarasa (author of ‘The Woman President’); Fiona Patten MP (Leader of the Reason Party); The Hon. Judith Troeth (former Liberal MP); Samantha Ratnam (Leader of the Victorian Greens); and The Hon. Jenny Macklin (former deputy leader of the federal Labor Party).

Read the transcript on the Victorian Women's Trust website

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