Knowledge hub roundup: July 2023

Candid, smiling photo of three brightly dressed diverse women standing outside a parliamentary building

The Pathways to Politics Knowledge Hub is an online public platform where all women and gender diverse people can find practical tools, information and inspiration to help in their run for public office.

Here’s what’s new:

Composite photographs of Dr Meredith Martin, Dr Sarah Mansfield MP, Georgie Purcell MP and Gaelle Broad MP. Overlaid is a graphic of a video 'play' button

Video interview –
Victorian election debrief

Campaigning – what went well, what did you wish you’d known? What’s it actually like being in Parliament? Three newly elected Victorian alums, Sarah Mansfield, Georgie Purcell and Gaelle Broad, reflect on campaigning and their first few months in office.

Close up of a woman's hand signing a document. In the foreground is a set of keys and a replica house. Overlaid is a graphic of a video 'play' button

Legal explainer: Asset protection for political candidates

Whether you’re thinking of running for office at a local, state or federal level, there are some important steps to take to ensure that your assets are safeguarded and protected. Arnold Bloch Leibler lawyers explain more in this video.

Image of an A4 report against a dark blue background.

Managing misconduct: A principled response to behavioural misconduct in constitutionally significant workplaces

Co-authored by Prof Gabrielle Appleby, Prabha Nandagopal and UNSW Pathways Director Prof Rosalind Dixon.

woman working on a laptop covered in stickers

Digital campaigning: start here

A range of resources from the Commons Social Change Library on the topic of digital campaigning, including social media, email, online petitions, case studies, and general tips and tools.

Illustration of Lady Justice on a black background with overlaid text reading "Women In Suits Podcast"

Podcast: Women in Suits – Rosalind Dixon on politics, democracy, women in leadership and the constitution

Ros Dixon, UNSW Pathways Director, chats to the Women in Suits Podcast and answers the question, “Do lawyers make good politicians?”

Colourful logo with the text "words to Win By with Anat Shenker-Osorio"

Podcast: Words to Win By

Communications researcher and campaign advisor Anat Shenker-Osorio unpacks the words, tactics and strategies that led to victories for progressive politics around the globe.

Doodle of hands holding speech bubbles with thumbs down symbol and broken heart - representing hate speech

The free speech conundrum: Combatting hate and anger in the wild west of the internet

Hate speech, abuse and anger are everywhere online. What can we do to combat them? How can we support those who deal with them? Dr Anjalee de Silva discusses.

Photo of Jullia Gillard next to the UKICE I TELL podcast logo against a blue background and the text "The UK in a Changing Europe Podcast"

Women in public life, inequality and the Australian influence in British politics with Julia Gillard

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard podcast interview about the role of women in public life, tackling inequality and ‘Australian-style’ politics in the UK.

Photo of the Australian Parliament House overlaid with rainbow

LGBTIQ+ parliamentarians in Australian parliaments

Quick Guide to Australian federal, state and territory parliamentarians who have publicly identified as LGBTIQ+ while in office.

Graphic image showing a globe, light bulb, mobile phone, open book and two people giving a "high 5"

Political Leadership Entrepreneurship Organisations to Watch

We’re proud to be among Apolitical Foundation’s “Political Leadership Entrepreneurship Organisations to Watch”, a global list of organisations working as incubators and accelerators of effective political leadership.

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