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Australians’ views on gender equity and the political parties

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Professor Nicholas Biddle & Professor Matthew Gray, Australian National University Centre for Social Research & Methods, May 2022

New analysis from the Australian National University (ANU) shows female voters are three times more likely than men to have not yet decided who they will vote for in the 2022 federal election.

There has been a vigorous public debate in Australia about issues related to gender, including the unacceptably high rates of violence and sexual harassment experienced by women, under-representation of women in senior positions, and continuing economic disparities. These issues have been a focus of the 2022 federal election campaign on 21 May 2022.

This report from ANU focuses on the views of Australians about:

  • Gender equality
  • Australians’ attitudes to gender issues
  • Confidence in the different parties on issues related to gender equity and how this relates to voting intentions.

It is based on data from 3,587 Australians aged 18 years and over collected between the 11-26 April 2022.

Summary of findings:

  • There are differences in voting intentions by gender, with men particularly likely to vote for the Coalition and women more likely to vote for the Greens, as well as be unsure as to who they would vote for.
  • There is less confidence in the two Coalition parties (Liberals and Nationals) on issues related to gender equality than in Labor and the Greens.
  • In general, Australians think that men have it easier in Australia than women, though there are also a sizable number of both men and women who think there is no difference.
  • The vast majority of Australians see equality between men and women as being important, with the majority of Australians thinking that equal rights for women have not gone far enough.

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