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Local Government Culture Project: Insights Report

two women talking on a bench outside a historical stone building
May 2022

Led by Local Government Victoria, the Local Government Culture Project aimed to understand the factors influencing culture and conduct within local government and identify opportunities and initiatives to improve culture and conduct.

Another objective was to make local government a safer space for women and to encourage more women to nominate for council elections. The Victorian Government aims to reach gender parity in local councils by 2025.

“Having more diverse and representative councils would go a long way towards creating a safer, inclusive and effective local government sector.”

About the report

The local government sector was invited to respond to a discussion paper about how culture and conduct issues in councils could be addressed, and provide further input on these issues.

The findings are outlined in the Insights Report, with key identified insights grouped as follows:

  • Leadership experience and capability: Issues that relate to how roles could be better defined and how leadership skills could be built and maintained, including the need for leadership skill development, and opportunities to improve diversity and representation in local government.
  • Councillor journey: Issues that relate to support for Councillors throughout their journey to ensure they understand and can execute their role.
  • Early intervention and effective dispute resolution: Issues that relate to resolving conflict and preventing the escalation of poor behaviour and its impacts.

Read the Insights Report and Discussion Paper
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