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Knowledge hub roundup: September 2022

Photo of Virginia Trioli, smiling, wearing a white blouse against white background

Launched in March this year, the Pathways to Politics Knowledge Hub is an online public platform where all women and gender diverse people can find practical tools, information and inspiration to help in their run for public office.

Here’s what we’ve added in the last month:

Photos of Susan Benedyka and Karen Kim smiling in front of a historic building

Running for the Senate

Exclusive to the Knowledge Hub, Senate candidates (and Pathways alum) Susan Benedyka and Karen Kim share their experiences of running in the 2022 federal election, what they wish they’d known before they ran, and their tips for future Senate candidates.

Photo of Ramona Vijeyarasa smiling

The Woman President: a conversation with Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa

Do women leaders lead differently? And are women leaders necessarily better for women? Carol Schwartz talks to Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa about Ramona’s new book, The Woman President.

Photo of Virginia Trioli, smiling, wearing a white blouse against white background

Federal election spotlight: a conversation with Virginia Trioli

An exclusive Pathways to Politics interview with leading journalist Virginia Trioli, focusing on key election policies and the role of the media in shaping public perceptions.

Candid photo of group of female Independent MPs in Canberaa

Independents’ Day: Behind the scenes with the new force in politics

ABC’s Four Corners goes behind the scenes with Monique Ryan MP, Dai Le MP and Senator Tammy Tyrrell, documenting their transition to Canberra as newly minted MPs and Senators.

two women talking on a bench outside a historical stone building

Local Government Culture Project: Insights Report

Insights Report on issues, opportunities and initiatives to improve culture and conduct in local government, make it a safer space for women and encourage more women to nominate for council elections.

Group of smartly dressed women talking

Inquiry into economic equity for Victorian women: final report

The 2022 final report from the Inquiry into Economic Equity for Victorian Women contains 31 recommendations focusing on changes that will have the most significant impact on Victorian women’s economic equity.

Multicoloured graphic symbolising data on a chart

Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The gender snapshot 2022

This 2022 report from UN Women presents the latest evidence on gender equality across 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by world leaders in 2015 – emphasising the long road ahead to achieve gender equality.

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